Footsteps (2015)

for soprano & piano
original scoring for soprano, harp, viola & daf
Text by Nahal Navidar

Hila Plitmann, coloratura soprano; Hye Jung Shin, piano

Alternate version: for lyric soprano and piano


Text by Nahal Navidar

Rain falls pitter patter
In my hometown
Mama, Mama's footsteps soft
Like warm winter slippers

Moss and earth and leaves
Billows of soft, white cotton
Dance around my open window

The wooden floorboard creaks
Fire crackling
Soot soothing my senses to sleep
Father's footsteps carry the weight of history
Pacing, pacing, book in hand
The creak creak creak of my house
Tells me the same familiar story

Footsteps pitter patter
'Cross the floorboards